Blog & news.Meet our Yardsticker of the month for June: Claire Gettas, Product Manager

Published on:

June 11, 2018

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Here is what our team had to say about Claire and how she brings our core values to life everyday!

A Fearless Pursuit of Excellence

“Without Claire the YAS Development team would be in shambles. She is crucial to the success of the organization.”

“Claire is always on top of Ticket Release to guarantee I have all my tickets ready, with ship it tag so I can start my testing process. This ensures I get enough time to test tickets. She is always willing to help provide updates to the team and to our clients. She makes most of the Development team life easy, thanks Claire! ”

“A do-it-all, jack-of-all-trades. From keeping the Toronto office sane (kitchen sink clogged? call Claire), to keeping the Measure Developers in line (she controls our calendar, and therefore our schedule lol), to facilitating conversations with clients. A glue-gal for any team. We are damned lucky we have her. Oh and did I mention that she takes care of two young boys when she gets home? Amazing.”

“Claire is an incredible asset to the Measure team. She has fundamentally changed the way we function for the better, keeping us focussed and motivated. She’s a great listener, allowing each of us to have a say on how we evolve as a team. Claire is incredibly organized and responsive. She is continually striving to improve herself and the team. Her work approach is a large part of the success we have achieved thus far.”

Random Acts of Kindness

“Claire will plan lunches for special days and do things to make our office better, such as rearranging the kitchenette so that short people (like me) can access everything. ”

What Claire has to say?

“A big thank you to those of you that have nominated me. It truly is an honour and humbling to be recognized by your peers and friends. The gang I get to work with every day is awesome, my Toronto crew is fantastic. I love YAS, it is an awesome place to work filled with great people.”

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