Exam delivery software.Elegant, modern, easy-to-use testing software.


Yardstick Measure works for you, strengthening the systems and processes you already have.

  • Exam delivery
  • Item authoring
  • Item banking
  • Flexible exam creation
  • Candidate management and booking
  • Marking workflow
  • Reporting
  • Security

Exam management.

Measure clients can do everything.

Measure is elegant, modern and secure, designed to align with your brand and strengthen the systems and processes you already have. It stores items, tracks candidate accounts, coordinates sales, and helps you generate sophisticated exams and reports, for 10 candidates or 10,000, when the stakes are high or low.

Exam delivery.

Moving exams from paper to computers means security, efficiency and convenience.

We built Measure’s intuitive user interface with learner performance and success in mind. From their locked browser, candidates have everything they need at their fingertips. They can take notes, bookmark questions, access pre-approved online resources, browse media, show or hide exam time, and even change text size or language.

Customer support.

Count on Yardstick for a partner with rigour and personality.

Your learning professionals can access Measure anytime, anywhere. If you need help, count on our customer support team to bring an industry-renowned combination of rigour and personality, whether they’re configuring and maintaining your exam site, or delivering and administering your exams. They give you precious time back to focus on test design.


Overcome writer’s block with Yardstick Itematic.

Writing items for your item bank is a costly and time consuming process. Yardstick Itematic helps you make the most of your budget and build your item bank quickly and efficiently. Itematic works by breaking your question into multiple components based on grammatical structure. Your authors can create and populate templates, generating hundreds of items at once.

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Collaborative marking technology for constructed response questions.

Yardstick developed RedPen to help our clients mark all formats of constructed response questions, from complex case scenarios to short stems with essay responses. From the intuitive administrator interface, you can set up marking teams and workflows, compare and resolve marker conflicts, track progress, share notes and more.

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Features of measure.

Exam delivery Item authoring Item banking Flexible exam creation Candidate management and booking RedPen marking workflow Reporting Security

Exam delivery

A modern and intuitive user interface meets state-of-the-art functionality. Yardstick Measure supports tests of any size or stakes, from low-stakes formative quizzes and practice exams to high-stakes certification and licensure assessments.


  • Customizable Candidate Statement of Understanding
  • Locked Down Browser application
  • Copy/paste restriction
  • Intuitive question navigation and presentation
  • Integrated visual aids and resources
  • Bookmarking
  • Automatic saving
  • Optional timer