Psychometrics.Defensible exams build confidence and certainty.


We design exams guided by psychometric science and a vital mission: to ensure learners are competent and qualified.

The science of testing.

We use precise and proven science to create defensible and fair exams.

Psychometrics is the science of designing, planning and implementing defensible assessments. Yardstick’s psychometricians bring superior technical expertise and a client-focused attitude to create processes and products that help ensure students, candidates and professionals are assessed fairly and reliably.

Measuring competence.

We verify your candidates’ test results, so you can defend them.

It’s our job to measure your candidates’ knowledge and skills so they can confidently serve the public. When learners pass your exam, we can verify and defend it. This is crucial in a world where fraud and negligence pose enormous risk to our reputations. Armed with the best evidence about candidate achievement, you can make fair and evidence-based decisions.

Our approach.

Your results are strongest when we work together.

Psychometric science is complex, but at Yardstick we approach it with a spirit of openness and curiosity. Where some might guard their deep knowledge of test science, we share our expertise, experience and leadership freely with the industries and clients we serve. Working together, with a common understanding, we build an assessment that is defensible, relevant, fair and perfectly tailored to your needs.

Want to make your high stakes examinations defensible? Talk to us.

Yardstick Assessment Life Cycle.

Overview Stage 1. Defining target and creating specifications Stage 2. Item development Stage 3. Assembling exam form(s) Stage 4. Test administration Stage 5. Item and test analysis Stage 6. Standard setting


Our testing experts use industry best practices described in the Assessment Life Cycle. These rigorous methods, and the precise and proven science  behind them, produce well-designed exams that are defensible and fair. From item development through to exam delivery and analysis, our experts reach out to you as partners, ensuring you understand the process and feel supported and engaged through its every step.

Sharing our knowledge

Assessment Life Cycle Whitepapers

The Yardstick White Paper library is a fantastic resource for organizations wanting to learn more about psychometrics and how they relate to high stakes assessment. Our goal at Yardstick is to demystify psychometric processes and work collaboratively with our clients.

To gain access to our white paper downloads please fill out the form. Once your details have been submitted, you will see a download link underneath the whitepaper descriptions below.